Wednesday, November 21, 2018

New Prose Poems in Adelaide Literary Magazine

I have five prose poems

from the manuscript

How the World was Made

currently appearing in

The Adelaide Literary Magazine
is an independent international monthly publication,
based in New York (US), and Lisbon (Portugal),
and founded in 2015.

The prose poems can be found 

Here's the beginning of the first one:


Who owns the note to the house? CitiMortgage owns the note. No, it's Freddie Mac. Trace the note through the ether and you'll find it's probably in a cloud on the net called MERS, an electronic registry - designed to track servicing rights and ownership of mortgages. No physical note exists. The "note" floats out there above the earth, bouncing between satellites: the transubstantiation of flesh into spirit.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado attempted to conquer new lands for King and God. He had a huge retinue of soldiers, following him into the unknown. For gold. Coronado gave the Indians he encountered the opportunity to submit to his King and God before he lit them on fire, transubstantiating darkness into light.

The lawyer for CitiMortgage uses the "you're a deadbeat" line on the woman in the dock because her mortgage payments are in arrears. The woman loses the case, her house. Later that night, she goes out into the backyard. Mars is close, a red dot in the blackness, burning. Her two children are asleep in their beds behind her. She vomits in the grass. This is the transubstantiation of wood into fear.

I’m stretched out on the linoleum below the open kitchen window. Blue-lit insect wings flap in and out of the apartment… 


And so it goes...

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