Sunday, October 29, 2023

3 new poems in Mudlark


Three new poems

from the manuscript,

The Next World,

have recently appeared



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These three are among my favorite poems 

from the manuscript.


The first poem (Dragonfly in the Palm) arrived after a blue dragonfly landed in the palm of my hand.

There is a corridor between buildings in my apartment complex, where dragonflies pace and hunt during the spring and summer. One was hovering near our balcony and I put out my hand.


The poem arose from what went through me while the dragonfly was perched there…and what went through me after it lifted off and went back to its hunting. Part of the poem is focused on a dragonfly’s ability to detect as many as 30 different vision pigments. And I saw this as the visual perception of a god. 

You can find the poem here. 

The second poem (The Rest of the Body) is pretty much self-explanatory – a moment on the coast, walking along the shoreline, when the sensation and idea of “body” extended far beyond the limits of the skin. 

You can find the poem here. 


The third poem (Two Turkey Vultures: Early Spring) is an encounter with two turkey vultures on the banks of the Willamette River, here in Eugene. 

In the poem, the thoughts/emotions about the imminent death of my mother merged with the thoughts/emotions about the future death of so many things on this earth (earth as mother).

You can find the poem here. 


 There is another poem, 


a more seasonal work, 

that can also be found at 


 at the link below:




More about the poem 

and it’s relation to All Hallow’s Eve 

and The Day of the Dead 

can be found