Saturday, March 2, 2024

New Poem in Anacapa Review


There’s a poem

recently published in

Anacapa Review

from a new manuscript called

 The Solstice Book

You can find it here


The Solstice Book

contains some of the Winter Solstice poems

posted on this blog in previous years,

along with many poems written over the last five years 

between All Hallow’s Eve/Day of the Dead and New Year’s Day;

 including one Summer Solstice poem.


This one was written as part of a group of elegies 

for several family members and the grief experienced 

from the loss of so many creatures and species over

the last several decades. 


As I've mentioned before in this blog, 

grief can sometimes be a form of praise. 

It is also, for me, 

a visceral call-and-return experience, 

a reaching out into the world 

with the senses, emotions,

and the return of something without words, 

deeper than words, pre-verbal.


Grief as a cycle of questions and answers 

experienced by the body, this body on earth;

pain and pleasure,  panic and peace, 

interwoven, made of earth 

(a stone, a leaf, a hawk's feather, a worm...),


And through this cycle, grief becomes an experience 

of everything.


You can find the poem here