Monday, September 26, 2016

2 New Poems in 2River

I've got two more prose-poem-type-things from the manuscript, How the World was Made, appearing in the great online journal,  

Sarah Katharina Kayß/from Summer 2016 2River

Run by Richard Long, 
a professor of English at St. Louis Community College--Meramec, 2River has been an online quarterly site of poetry, art and photography, since 1996. 21 years! 
 Since then, the journal has expanded into a site with the 2River Chapbook Series,
and a blog, Muddy Bank.

James Deeb/from Spring 2016 2River

2River also published a chapbook of mine back in 2009 (the  prototype for this new manuscript). It is also called

Alexandra Eldridge/from Fall 2012 2River

In addition, 
Richard takes photographs and makes movies from his bicycle while traveling in the summer self-supported around the United States. He puts many of those photographs and movies on his wilderness blog,

Photo by Richard Long

 Here's the beginning of one of the poems. It has the title of my last book. Go figure.

 All the Beautiful Dead 
(along the side of the road)
This happened ten years ago, back when I was living in Des Moines. My marriage had ended and my ex-husband had taken off to the west coast with his new love. After he left, I quit my job at Olive Garden, put everything in storage, rode my bicycle to Dubuque. My sister lived in Dubuque with her two girls, Liz and Dar. I needed to see them. But I needed to get there slow, wrap my head around what had happened. 

Being so close to the surface of the road, I began to notice all the dead animals along the shoulder. It was shocking how many there were. You never notice the bodies when you blow down the road at fifty or sixty miles an hour. Sometimes I would stop, crouch next to them – hummingbirds, possums, cats, turtles. I still don’t know why – to let them know that someone saw them, acknowledged that they were part of the world, that they would be missed? 

You can read the rest (and the other poets)

Katrina Pallop/from Fall 2011 2River
I'm giving a reading from 
All the Beautiful Dead 
at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore
in Boulder, Colorado,
this Thursday at 7pm.

Innisfree Poetry Bookstore

If you know anyone in the Boulder area,
let them know.