Sunday, September 11, 2016

Michaela's New Blog: the fulcrum & the bear

The poet and novelist, Michaela Kahn, has a new blog called 
The Fulcrum and the Bear. 

I've posted the beginning of it here 
and added a link to her blog. 
Read it. 
It's short. 
And includes one of my favorite poems of hers. 

What is the fulcrum & the bear?

A bit of a strange name for a blog I suppose – when I first thought of the idea for a blog and was tossing around names, I kept coming back to a poem I wrote a few years ago – published in this year’s Santa Fe Literary Review (out now). The more I kept thinking about the poem, the more I thought that it holds within it the seeds of a philosophy - a way of looking at the world - that is what I would want for my blog.

To me the poem is about an urge toward change – not just political or economic change - but a shift of perception that touches on everything. In the world of my poem the fulcrum of this change is not from the world of technology, not made from the usual materials of our current age  – it is something from the earth itself: a chthonic energy....

You can find the rest  

You can find another poem of hers, on this blog,



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