Thursday, December 7, 2017

Poems in Hamilton Stone Review: The Close Dark

Two more sections from the long poem
"The Close Dark"
are in the current issue of

The cover includes a triptych,
Virgens de Guadalupe
by Lynda Schor

Lynda Schor 

"The Close Dark"
is a personal journey
to find a balance between
the alluring and familiar darkness 
of the Hindu goddess 
and aspects of the Christian Mary. 

Chauvet cave

"The Close Dark" begins in a stone hut in the Cevennes mountains, moves to Philadelphia, then Rocamadour, France, eventually passing through a dream-like motel that resembles Chauvet cave…

La Cieneguilla Petroglyph Site, Santa Fe

The two sections in Hamilton Stone Review take place on a cliff-side full of petroglyphs on the south side of Santa Fe.

Other sections of 
"The Close Dark"
can be found in
Peacock Journal 

The final section of the poem 
can be found in the current issue 
The Bitter Oleander.

Issue 37 of the Hamilton Stone Review includes work by:

Tony Beyer, Don Brandis, Kevin Casey, Patrick Connelly, Tesa Blue Flores, Jack Freeman, Stephen Gibson, J.M. Hall, stone hedra, Lynn Strongin, John Stupp, Aden Thomas, Richard Weaver, and Mark Young, Nick Bertelson, Garrison Botts, Jonathan Ferrini, Moriah Hampton, Mike Koenig, Patricia Leonard, Sara Cahill Marrom, Eliza Segiet, and Yermiyahu Ahron Taub.

Lynda Schor

it's snowing here!

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