Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Strange Kind of Beauty: New Story/Interzone #269

New Sci-fi Story
in the March/April
Issue of


A Strange Kind of Beauty

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illustrated by Martin Hanford

"The desert carrion bird has many names. Its common name is scoryax. There are some in the Kahtt who call the bird water prophet because it leads us from water source to water source. Most call it shit-beak because it is a scavenger of the dead and smells like shit. I sometimes call it ghost seer because its eyes seem to penetrate all surfaces, see the hidden dark beneath. No one walks away from an encounter with a scoryax unscathed. Its black eyes were forged in the underworld…"

Including stories by 
Sean McMullen, Tim Akers, Richard E. Gropp, 
& Steve Rasnic Tem

Gestalt Real-Time Reviews 
of these stories
by Des Lewis
can be found here. 

Witch going to the Sabbath/Remedios Varo/1957

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