Monday, January 9, 2023

New Poems in Banyan Review


Four poems from the manuscript

The Next World

have recently appeared


The Banyan Review

Issue 12, Winter 2022


You can find the poems here


Here’s the beginning of one of the poems:


Car Batteries, Falling Snow, Snakestones


Snow flies in from the south in waves; thick with huge flakes, then

sparse, with flakes so small they float, can’t make it to earth. Cars


slice through grey snow on Coburg Road, most heading to work. I

can’t. Someone stole my car battery last night. No damage, though.


Were they purposefully careful? But why bother? Maybe this is

the new way we look out for each other…



The book

Absence: Presence

will be coming out on

January 24th, 2023



Happy New Year!

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