Friday, October 19, 2018

Blue Sky Language: Seven Prose Poems in AZURE

Seven prose poems
from the manuscript
How the World was Made
have appeared as a series called
"Blue Sky Language":
A Journal of Literary Thought

AZURE is, 
as they state on their site,
the "home of otherworld realism."

It is edited by 

Here is their definition of otherworld realism:

otherworld realism
[uhth -er-wurld] [ree-uh-liz-uh m] noun

1. A style of literature devoted to intellectual and imaginative pursuits that point towards a potential, evolved reality.

2. Art and literature that evokes the space before clarity in which one must navigate the logic of intuition and instinct, alongside the duplicity of fact.

3. A genre illuminating a psychic space of process; a space of ambiguity, silence, and internal struggle.

4. The pre-dawn.

Word Origin
2017; coined by Lazuli Literary Group; first appearing in AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought, Volume One. ​

The art work of Evgenia Barsheva 
accompanies the work of each author.

Check it out.

You can find the prose poems

Art by Evgenia Barsheva, for the Blue Sky Language series

Here's the opening of the first poem:


There is guilt. I found the drying body of a blue-collared lizard in a cleft of sandstone. I was not the one who killed it. It was already dead when I found it. I stood vigil with the lizard under the sun - lone standing mesas scattered across sage flats, long shadows across sand. The ghost of the lizard followed me home. I am not saying this from inside a dream.

There is joy. Sometimes, the lizard's ghost speaks into my left ear in a language that can only be described as various shades of blue. It is a language of unbearable beauty, of the blue sky itself …

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