Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New poems in Peacock Journal

I have a new group of poems

What I really like about this magazine
is that it asks each author
to provide
A Statement on Beauty

Their motto:
"Beauty First"

5 sections from a long poem
The Close Dark

A poem about my encounters
Mary/Kuan Yin
(goddess of compassion)

and Kali
(destroyer of worlds)


and their reconciliation.

Here's half of the first section.
It begins in a stone hut
in the Cevennes Mountains
with a fever vision of
Mary/Kuan Yin:

Kuan Yin

1. Cevennes Mountain Hut

Frozen wind through a chink in stone
sent snowflakes over the bed; cold,

cold, Mary in a dark corner, wrapped
in her blue cloak of stars. Ice melted

on burning skin. Fever-eyes, fever-mind,
drawn to her twilight blue: the blue

before true night; the blue between stars,
when Venus still shines; light's blue

melancholy when traveling that blue
distance, sun to sun, across the horror

of the blue-void…

You can find the rest of the sections

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