Wednesday, September 21, 2016

5 Prose Poems in Anti-Heroin Chic Today

I've got five pieces (a blend of prose poem and flash fiction) on the site
They are all from a new manuscript called 
How the World was Made.

It's a great site, a collective literary journal of poetry, photography, stories, essays, and visual art, along with interviews of artists and songwriters, put out by poet

There's a different poet or interview with an artist or songwriter every day. 

Just in the last week I've discovered two fascinating artists: Lola Gil (scroll down to 9/18/2016) and Elizabeth Shupe (scroll down to 9/16/2016). 

I discovered the site through the poet Miriam Sagan. You can find some great poems of hers on the site 

Here's the beginning of one of the pieces:

Near the Border

Suzanna’s father sits in a chair at the edge of the property, shotgun in his lap, eyes on the desert. He is protecting the border from aliens. Her mother stares out the kitchen window at the sight of the old man sitting out there in the rippling heat. “Sometimes he goes out to his chair in the middle of the night,” the old woman says, then shakes her head and laughs. “You know your father.”

Up in her old bedroom Suzanna wonders what has happened to her parents. “They were normal once,” she says. “It’s Fox,” she insists. “They watch Fox News all the time.” I look out her bedroom window at the lone figure sitting out there in the heat. It could be the onset of dementia, but I think it’s something else...

You can find the rest of the work  


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