Sunday, April 8, 2012

It was twenty five years ago today....

On April 8th, 1987,

twenty five years ago today,

the Belgian cement factory town of Villon woke to find dead fish scattered everywhere.

  It was festival day for their patron saint, St Woelfred.

An infamous environmental activist dance troupe 
scheduled a rally at the same time as the festival, 
to protest the cement factory’s decision to lease empty quarries as toxic waste dumps.


Performance piece? 
Natural phenomenon?

 A Fish Trapped Inside the Wind 
tells the story of six people
winding their way 
through each other's lives
over the course of that 
fateful day.
What happened when 
festival and rally collided?

A True Story.

You can find an interview with Paul Cooper 
about the writing of
Fish Trapped Inside the Wind

a recent insightful review of
On the Side of the Crow
can be found

Check out both sites: 
a great array 
of reviews, essays, 
and interviews.

In other news, 
 April 8th is
the Buddha's 

I can't say whether that's 
the reason things 
 happened the way they did
in Villon 
on that particular day...
but I'm not ruling it 


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